Fashion Guide to Women’s Bomber Jackets

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Bomber jackets for women are trendy and stylish pieces of outerwear that originated in the 1990s. In modern times, these jackets seamlessly blend into everyday casual as well as preppy professional ensembles. The bomber jackets come with a waist-cut length, unique ribbed waistline and cuffs, and a front zipper closure that adds up to its sophisticated vibes. From the amazing women’s leather bomber jackets that are the epitome of classic style to the suede bomber jackets that will instantly turn up your fashion game, you will find a huge variety of bomber jackets that will create an unmatched vibe. As versatile outerwear, these jackets offer iconic style along with added warmth. We will take you through all necessary aspects of the bomber jackets, from origin to types and ways of styling; we have got it all!


  1. Leather bomber jacket

Leather is the most durable material that never goes out of style. After the classic black leather jackets and timeless women’s brown leather jackets, bomber jackets made from leather have gained the utmost popularity among many fashion-forward women. The leather bomber jackets effortlessly fuse contemporary flair with vintage charm. Crafted from supple leather with a semi-fitted silhouette, these bomber jackets not only provide a touch of sophistication but can be styled in a number of ways.

  1. Varsity bomber jacket

The varsity bomber jacket delivers the perfect fusion of sporty aesthetics and contemporary style. This type of bomber jacket can be identified with bold lettering, colorful and contrasting sleeves, and ribbed trims that add a touch of nostalgia to your outfits. A varsity jacket can be paired with jeans and a tee for a casual day or can be worn over a chic dress for an effortless look. The diversity in designs and colors makes these jackets a must-have wardrobe staple for all women.

  1. Suede bomber jacket

The earthy hues and rich tones of suede create a unique outlook that is perfect for the fall and winter days. From timeless tan shades to bold colors, suede bomber jackets exude a luxurious feel and captivate attention whenever you step out. These jackets have a simple and sophisticated design and are often thought of as premium pieces of outerwear. Women can style these jackets by pairing them with monochrome outfits and achieving an elegant look that is hard to ignore.

  1. MA-1 bomber jacket

Originating from military roots, the MA-1 bomber jackets for women offer the ultimate combination of modern utility and street style. These jackets can be characterized by a front zipper closure, an elastic knitted collar, soft lining, and nylon fabric composition with a silhouette that is equal amounts of functional and fashionable. The lightweight yet insulated design ensures comfort without compromising on warmth, making this jacket an ideal transitional piece of outerwear.

  1. G1 bomber jacket

The G1 Bomber jacket’s silhouette exudes a unique style with its authentic detailing and fur collar. These jackets effortlessly blend rugged charm with sophistication, which is a need for every woman’s closet. The G1 bombers feature durable materials that provide warmth, and the iconic fur acts as a luxe element in the jacket. From classic brown leather to modern variations in different colors and finishes, these bomber jackets allow you to make a personal style statement.

How To Style Women’s Bomber Jackets

Styling the women’s bomber jacket is a true act of versatility and chic expression. The essence of styling these jackets lies in their adaptability, which allows you to create a fashion-forward look that is an expression of your own style and is suitable for diverse occasions. For a casual look, pair your bomber jacket with high-waisted denim and regular sneakers, layering over a crop top or a basic t-shirt. For a more sophisticated look, you can opt for a satin or suede bomber and pair it with tailored trousers or a chic skirt with heels. Moreover, a leather bomber jacket can be worn over a dress, blending femininity and edgy elegance. For accessories, you can wear sleek and minimal jewelry and add a stylish handbag that complements your look. 

Pink Monochromatic Outfit with Jacket

This vibrant outfit is going to turn heads everywhere you go. Coordinating your pink monochromatic outfit with the same color jacket is definitely a fun and easy idea. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match as long as the shade of your jacket belongs to the same color family. To finish off this look, get your favorite accessories like a scarf, an elegant purse, and chic shoes in the same shades of pink. This eye-catching look is truly one of our favorites!

Vintage Bomber Jacket Outfit

While looking for the different styles of Bomber jackets, we came across puffer jackets that are versatile and timeless pieces. Styling them won’t be a hard task, as we have got you covered with that part! Choose between different colors, fabrics, and prints. Prints, as in floral or leopard styles, create a perfect retro look. Make the most of your vintage jacket by pairing it with pieces from the past, such as black or blue bell-bottom pants. This look is ideal for women who like to add a retro vibe to their closet.

Elegant fit with Silver Puffer

Silver has been the favorite color for statement accessories such as shoes, jewellery, and belts. The metallic hues of silver have made their way to the iconic puffer jackets found in stores, runways, and on the streets. The key to best styling these silver puffers is to keep the rest of your outfit minimal and simplistic. Wear your silver puffer on top of a monochromatic black or white outfit, which would allow your puffer jacket to stand out without any chance of clashing. Choose casual pieces, such as flared jeans, a basic t-shirt, and sneakers, to complete your look.


Women’s bomber jackets showcase a fusion of functionality and style. From classic military designs to unique modern-day variations, each bomber jacket serves as a wardrobe staple for women. As you go through this article, you will be able to seek the perfect balance of durability and style by experimenting with the textures, colors, and designs that these iconic bomber jackets have to offer. Make sure to gather all the necessary information from this guide and invest in a bomber jacket that is truly classic and versatile.

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